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Artists at Venue

Venue has over 60 Seattle artists and designers represented in the boutique and is continually adding to the collection. In addition to consignment, artists and designers can create their art in one of Venue's eight work studio spaces.  If you are a local artist and are interested in having your art work at Venue, please visit our Getting Involved page for more information.


Artists and Designers with a Work Studio at Venue.

Studio 101  Caitlin Dundon - One Heart Studio

Studio 102  Sarah Oberklaid - Sarah Oberklaid Art

Studio 103  Studio Reserved

Studio 104  Lynn Cameron - Lynn Cameron Photography

Studio 201  Diane Macrae ~ Diane Macrae Collection

Studio 202  Studio Reserved

 Studio 203  Office Available

Studio 204  Office Rented


Lynn Cameron / Lynn Cameron Photography - Seattle


Lynn Cameron has been a photographer for over ten years. Her work has been shown in galleries throughout the United States. She has traveled to over thirty countries around the globe, capturing the essence of places she's visited.

Lynn's new line of photo-encaustics - a unique method incorporating original photographs, layers of beeswax, and other materials add a soft dreamy look to her stunning photos.


Sarah Oberklaid / Sarah Oberklaid Art - Seattle

Pastel art

Sarah Oberklaid is an artist and urban planner from Melbourne Australia. Since moving to Seattle, her artworks have been inspired by landscapes encountered in her adventures and travels in North America. Pastels are her favorite medium due to their luminosity which is perfect for portraying vibrant landscapes. She also loves to use watercolors, pencils, pens and inks. 

Caitlin Dundon / One Heart Studio - Seattle

Painter & Calligrapher

Seattle artist Caitlin Dundon is known for her trademark handwritten script and colorful mixed media paintings. She is a professional calligrapher and instructor in both mixed media collage and pointed pen calligraphy. Her art features nature prominently in simple, poignant ways, with colorful graphic elements and lots of inspirational sentiment


Amy Bixby / Amy Bixby Jewelry - Seattle

Amy is a New Zealand native and lives in Seattle with her husband and baby boy, Luke.  Her designs reflect an organic style with a touch of pure savvy.

 Amy was raised to appreciate all things handmade, part of this stems from the Kiwi “do-it-yourself” mentality.  She hand forges each piece of jewelry from high quality materials such as Fine and Sterling silver, 14K, 18K and 22K Gold, and quality all-natural gemstones.  Amy employs finishes that are beaten or matte to reveal the natural tone and appearance of the metal.  All materials are ethically sourced and most metals are recycled often by Amy herself.  

Sarah Woodson / Downing Pottery - Seattle


In summer 1999 Sarah took her first pottery class. Starting as a weekend dabbler, she spent more and more time at the studio until it eventually became a job. Fast forward a decade and its the only job she wants to do.  Lucky for all of us, as Sarah's adorable Neighborhood mugs have been such a hit, that she now focuses all of her time to keep up the demand.  Besides mugs, Sarah also specializes in functional and modern pottery, from bowls to platters and vases.


Anne Bloom / Seattle Sundries - Seattle


Anne takes pride in making her soaps using all natural base ingredients, and the scents used are natural essential oils. (nothing synthetic found in these soaps.)  The designs for her packaging are also made by Anne using 'traditional' tools, like pencil and paper along with computer programs, printers and die-cut machines.  Each tin of soap has a different theme and inside is a little story about what that particular soap could be good for.  A little bit of humor and a love for the simple things in life are poured into each one.

Larry Halvorsen / Halvorsen Clay - Seattle


Larry has been working with clay for nearly 30 years and exhibits in galleries nationwide.  His art is created using high fire white stoneware clay, coated with black glaze and decorated with sgraffito etching.  His ever-changing exploration of form and pattern keeps the work interesting even to long time customers.

Liam Halvorsen / Halvorsen Clay - Seattle


Growing up in a house where both parents are accomplished ceramic artists, it's no surprise that Liam has been making faces out of clay since he was a child. Although his work has been on display alongside his father's in various art shows, Liam had his first solo art show at Venue when he was 18 years old.  Liam has always been interested in the human face and translates that through his artwork.  His clay work, like much of his 2-D work, is an experiment in the boundaries of the face and the possibilities it holds.  


Claire Jauregui / Orange Twist - Seattle

Paper Goods

Orange Twist paper goods are designed and screenprinted by hand in the sparkling city of Seattle, Washington. Founder and printer Claire Jauregui started Orange Twist in 2008 as a way to foster connections between people while injecting humor and handcrafted design into everyday life. Claire loves color, word play, and puns, and is committed to creating quality, environmentally sustainable goods.


Diana Fakhoury / Diana Fakhoury - Seattle


Diana's path to jewelry design began with her studies in engineering, and later she achieved a degree in Art & Design.  Diana feels that, ultimately, designing jewelry perfectly embodies her love for geometry, color, pattern and sculpture.

Lori Linkous Devine / lolide - Seattle


Lori is a metalsmith artist, social worker and an advocate for women's health issues, among other things. In her jewelry designs, she uses a combination of organic and industrial shapes with a sculptural focus. Each piece is completely designed and handcrafted in her studio in Seattle. While designing her jewelry, she tries to create small works of art, even down to the clasps and ear wires which are always handmade.


Sera Young / Maple + Mauve - Seattle


Sera is constantly inspired by elements of the Northwest, food, graphic design, travel, and architecture. The geometric qualities of her designs are attributed to her experience as an interior designer at a local architecture firm in downtown Seattle. Sera enjoys creating distilled down design ideas that she can personally create from start to finish.


Angie Henrich / Zetamari - Seattle


What began in 1998 with creating mosaics for private collections and public spaces, has sparked a passion for this ancient art form led Angie to study with masters in Italy, Spain, and the US, where she was instilled with a pride of workmanship and technique that is evident in each hand-crafted piece. Angie aspires to bring the joy of spirit she feels with the creation of each piece to the home of others.


Bob Scoverski / ScovoPhoto - Seattle


Bob works in the Software Industry but has been pursuing photography and photographic art for over 20 years.  He became interesting in collage techniques in the late 1980's pre-digital age.  He has continued to explore and hone his collage skills with the use of digital photography and software tools such as Photoshop and Lightroom. 


Josephine Rice / Josephine E. Rice - Seattle

Gouache Painting-

"Creating art brings great joy and satisfaction to me", admits Josie, "and I wish this feeling for my viewers."  

With inspiration from nature, specifically the Pacific Northwest's lush wildlife - along with spontaneous shapes - Josie mixes and layers paper cutouts until the feeling is just right. Through trial and error, a fitting story unfolds,  each piece exaggerated with saturated gouache color.  In awe of the infinite combinations, she arrives on just one, achieving, at last, an idealistic wish and hope for the perfect moment of contentment.


Emily Peck / Emily Alice - Bellingham

Fresco Encaustic Painting

Emily had an idea of a look & style she wanted to create, but wasn't exactly sure how to achieve it.  After 3 years of experimenting with various techniques, she found the right recipe of wood, nails, plaster, paint, patience, and wax. "It's a lot of heart and hands", says Emily. "The hands are connected to the heart.  The hands are the unconscious mind at work.  The hands are the window to the soul."

Ken Judd / Practical Creativity - Vashon Island


After moving into a rental house where the previous owner had left behind a collection of old hardware, tools and scraps from the Depression Era, Ken saw that all he needed to do was add a bit of creativity with his woodworking skills, and Robot Pioneers were born.  Each Robot is completely unique and seem to come with their own personality.  Although they are made from discarded materials and unwanted furniture, they have become loved, adored and highly sought after pieces.

Jennifer Graves / Lolly Jo Lolli - Woodinville


Jennifer is a native Northern California jewelry artist now living in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two children. They have a silly dog named Apple, too.  Jennifer achieved a degree in Media Arts, and never pursued a career in that field, but rather found that making jewelry was something that drew out her talents and passions.  Most of her work is in sterling silver and resin, but she likes to play around with other materials and techniques. Being a self taught jewelry artist, Jennifer admits that most of what she has learned is from trial and error. 

Jennifer Phillips / Jennifer Phillips Art - Seattle


It was a breathtaking trip to Spain in 1999 where she found her passion to begin painting beautiful landscapes and treescapes. Using primarily oils and oil pastels, her works range from large paintings to miniatures painted on Scrabble tiles with an underlying texturing process that cracks the surface enhancing the look of branches or roots.


Dean Robertson / Forestlife Creations - Woodway


Using mostly reclaimed wood, Dean's earrings showcase the incredible beauty and textures naturally found in both local and exotic woods.  


Kate Endle / Kate Endle Collage -  Seattle


Kate grew up in Ohio. She received a BFA from Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, Ohio. She's been "illustrationing" professionally for over twenty years. You can find her illustrations and collages on posters, magazines, stickers, picture books, bus shelters, magnets, home decor and paper products, a fiberglass pig, galleries, boutiques and all over my parent's house. Her love of paper is evident in the collages she makes, rich with color and admired by all ages.  She live in Seattle, and says she often feels like the luckiest girl in the whole wide world.


Andrea Kohler / Kohler Bookbinding - Seattle

Paper art

Andrea learned her craft as a bookbinder in the old city of Zurich, Switzerland.

After a traditional 4-year apprenticeship and several sojourns abroad, Andrea established her own atelier in Zurich, where she practiced for 14 years. She trained several apprentices and for many years taught courses in her specialty at a school for continuing education. Since 1996, she has lived and worked in Seattle, Washington. 

Andrea binds books entirely by hand, in both traditional and contemporary styles, using techniques that have changed little over hundreds of years. Hand binding is a labor-intensive craft, requiring much skill and patience


Sonja Lindberg / Knits & Kneedles - Bellevue

Knitted baby caps

Catherine Lee / Creativelee - Seattle


Catherine handcrafts bracelets, earrings and necklaces from the finest Thai & Balinese silver, pearls and semi-precious stones.  She specializes in an organic style of fine wire hand-wrapping, making each piece unique in style and shape.

Stuart King / Stuart King Designs - Whidbey Island


Stuart's studies began in art college in England, and continued on at University.  His love of surfing and the ocean is deeply reflected in his work.  Stuart tries to offer perspectives that are not your traditional views of seascape art, but to draw the viewer into the painting, perhaps giving them a sense of what it's like to be on /in that wave. 


Heather Davidson / The Doodlebug Project - Seattle


Heather draws her jewelry by hand, and all of the images are her original designs. Most of what she does has been inspired by nature, but the organic yet technical lines of something like a roller coaster also catch her eye. It can be difficult to create an image that works on such a small scale yet is detailed enough to be interesting. She knows she's found it when the finished piece feels tranquil and balanced. 

While the process is very hands-on, and a lot of care is put into each step. Heather looks forward to those long days where she knows she doesn't have to do anything but work in her studio.


Leslie Pierson / Designomite - Seattle


Leslie loves travel, typography, and distinctive design - and Destination Rolls are a powerful synthesis of her favorite things.  The inspiration for her line of Destination Products came from a find in a vintage shop of a British destination roll that had been used on a train in the early 1900's. These rolls were hand cranked by the conductors to display the next stop.  Leslie not only creates canvases and prints with a local appeal, but offers customized lists bounded only by imagination. 

Leah Adams / Spiderfelt - Seattle

Felted Soaps & Rocks

Using handmade felt, Leah creates an incredible array of felted items.  Her vast imagination is her only limit. At Venue, we carry her assortment of felted soaps and rocks.  Both have a way of enriching body and soul.


Shelly Engels / Shelly. etc. - Seattle


Using a digital SLR or an old Diana F+ camera, Shelly captures things in life that others often pass unnoticed.  Her love of travel, and design gives her opportunity and creative perspective.   Her Bachelor's degree in Interior Architecture and Product Design continue to influence her images.  Shelly's prints her images on aluminum which add another dimension to the scenes.  Her images are also available on nightlights, cards and postcards.


Breia Mallett / The Brush & Mallett - Lynnwood


Breia and her husband Ryan started their card business together, and from concept to completion, everything is done in-house.   Breia's hand drawn images are scanned to her computer to digitally create the touches of color that complete the illustrations. Breia delights in coming up with fun ideas for cards and being able to share her creations with others through her art.

Britta Ambauen / Britta Ambauen - Tacoma


Jewelry artist Britta Ambauen was originally trained as a print maker specializing in copper etching, but she fell in love with jewelry-making when she did an apprenticeship in Boulder, Colorado. Britta approaches each piece of jewelry as if she were making a tiny sculpture - reveling in the endless possibilities in choices of color, texture, form, materials and movement. She enjoys integrating traditional jewelry styles with new and unconventional components. Each design is hand crafted from sterling silver, 14k gold fill and natural gemstones.


Christopher Boffoli / Big Appetites - Seattle


Christopher Boffoli is a Seattle-based photographer, writer, artist and filmmaker. His Big Appetites series is shot with locally sourced food from Farmer's Markets, local bakeries or iconic American foods that evoke a sense of play.  The figures in the scenes are all hand-painted and their meticulous detail is a big part of why the images work.  On occasion he might re-paint or modify figures to suit his purposes. The images have a strength and a personality of their own.  But they are most often exhibited with captions that lend an extra bit of energy to the concept, and of course, often reinforce the laugh.

Christopher’s work has been published – online and in print – in more than 95 countries.  His fine art photographs can be found in galleries and private collections in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.


Dave Smart / Floating Stone Mobiles - Seattle


Dave Smart is a local acupuncturist and artist.  He explores the limits of balance with natural components in his elegant kinetic sculptures.  Using stone, feather, glass or wood, he creates finely tuned contemporary mobiles that are beautiful indoors and out.  Dave will also collaborate with those who want a custom design to display their own favorite collection of stones.


Busara Teuber / ilee papergoods - Shoreline

Letterpress cards & calendars

Busara (Ja) Teuber graduated from the College of Fine Arts in Bangkok, Thailand, and received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington in graphic design. 

She started Ilee Papergoods which is a letterpress company based in Seattle. Their goal is to create little works of art that combine creativity and craftsmanship. All of their letterpress products are printed by hand, using a 1902 Chandler & Price press, in small quantities to ensure absolute quality. 


Laarni Mejino / Laarni & Tita - Shoreline


Laarni's curiosity of how things are made lead her to designing and sewing bags for herself, her daughter and friends.  It wasn't long until she began selling her styles at the marketplace, and Laarni & Tita had begun as the desire for a durable bag made from colorful and cute patterns was evident.  Every single bag is made by Laarni with much thought put into where to cut on the print, down to the the final stitch.   

Linnie Kendrick / Linnie Kendrick - Redmond


"Creating is structured play. One form grows out of another in the process of making.  I look for simplicity and elegance in form, line, and color when designing my work", states Linnie.

Linnie has a background in ceramics and glass. She began focusing on enameling and jewelry making when she moved to Seattle in 2004.  When she's not in the metals studio, she's practicing Qigong or Yoga.  Linnie also teaches enameling at Danaca Design and Qigong at Embrace the Moon.


Jim Dixon / American Automata - Bellingham

Kinesthetic Sculpture

After 20 years as a commercial and design artist engaged in a multitude projects including residential and commercial interiors, environmental graphics, product development, packaging, games, furniture, houses and gardens, Jim & his wife Caroline brought all of their talents, skills, and experience together to launch American Automata, and art studio dedicated to the creation and fabrication of mechanical art, or what he aptly describe as "kinetic storytelling". 

Lisa Ravenel / Torch Illumination - Seattle


Lisa Ravenel is a Northwest native - born and raised.  She started making candles as a way to put herself through graduate school and ended up falling in love with the craft and with the idea of running her own business. She has always had a passion for branding and design, and candles has been a great way for her to express that.  When she's not working you can usually find her on the ski slope or cuddled up with a good book (or, let's be honest, Netflix show) and her cat.


Matt, Jeff & crew / Pigeon Camera Kids - Seattle

Silkscreen Designs

Matt & Jeff started their little shirt company in their apartment in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle in 2008.  Their mission to present Seattle with quality, custom screen printed garments and the masses with a line of smart, interesting, comfy and colorful tees has proven successful as their little company has grown into running their own 3000' Print Shop enabling them to increase their product line and print for several large local corporations and non-profits alike.

Ryan Christensen / Steelplant - Issaquah


Born with the desire to create things, rave flyers and street art pointed Ryan towards a career in graphic design. After a decade of various design work he was ready to launch some of his own creative projects. Steelplant is one of them.  Ryan loves objects with colorful, bizarre or extreme properties which is what you'll find with his Desktop Dumpsters. Ryan makes each one by hand and offers them either covered in graffiti or left blank to tag in your own style.  With endless possibilities, it's up to your creativity what to use these for.



Shawna Feiling / 17 Knots - Seattle


Inspired by her years of sailboat racing and a passion for turning something old into something new, Shawna started 17 Knots. Following the principals of renew, re-use, recycle, she collects used sails and turns them into custom, hand-made bags that are both unique and durable. Shawna's passion for creativity and quality is poured into every bag she makes.


Travis Tyler / Little Kicking Bird - Seattle


TravisTyler captures the majority of his photos in the urban landscape of the Northwest. They are pulled from clips of time lapse photography that he has filmed or everyday objects that often go unnoticed. His inspiration comes from commuting to and from work while riding the ferry every day. He reveals the essence of each image by capturing just the right amount of light, color, and depth of field - allowing the viewer to connect to the photo. 


Trilby Hainstock / Oliotto - Seattle

Textiles / Jewelry

Trilby loves to make objects that are easy to wear, well crafted, comfortable, affordable, and unique. Her reversible leather cuffs are made from quality upcycled leather that she cuts and sews by hand.  Trilby's talents don't end there.  Inspired by the 50 year anniversary of the Space Needle, Trilby designed a commemorative tea towel which, due to it's popularity, launched a new series of designs depicting Seattle's local neighborhoods.  Currently, these designs are available in prints, canvas totes and flour sack tea towels.


Patti Christie / Patti Christie - Seattle

Pastel artist

Using chalk pastels to create art that is meant to evoke a moment of repose, Patti's work becomes an interpretation of what she sees and knows.  Focusing on shape and color, her goal is to simply put the viewer at ease.

Aiko Tanaka / thezakka - Kirkland


After an eight year career as a graphic designer, Aiko decided to convert her ideas and designs into a product and came up with her company "thezakka" in 2009.  Aiko finds fabrics from around the world - using whatever she falls in love with.

Chris Ballew / Casper Babypants - Seattle


The music of Caspar Babypants is a mixture of old traditional songs, nursery rhymes and original compositions. Ballew takes old familiar tunes and finds ways to update them so that they both retain their original charm and feel modern and personal.  HIs wife, artist Kate Endle, does all the artwork for his CD covers.


Paul Kidder / KG Crafts - Seattle

Block prints

What started as a fun project making Christmas cards for family and friends over a decade ago, has turned into a complete business creating over 100 designs and producing some three thousand cards per year.   Paul carves each block by hand and uses water-soluble inks on recycled paper, using a simple lever press, and, yes, a spoon.  Each note card is a signed original in the japonisme and early arts-and-crafts approaches  to composition.


Yuko Tanaka /  Sazanka - Seattle


Tokyo native Yuko Tanaka launched Sazanka Design in 2011.  She specializes in handmade jewelry and accessories, incorporating vintage kimono fabrics.  Yuko's strong sense of color and design results in unique, contemporary pieces that honor her cultural roots.


Eileen Sorg / Eileen Sorg - Kingston

Colored Pencil Drawing

Eileen's work is a visual representation of the stories in her head. She enjoys collecting old objects and weaving a tale around them. Birds are the main conduit for these stories but insects, amphibians, and mammals are also frequent players. The story is really the subject matter of her work, supported by a solid structure of composition and light.

Leah Belanger / Leah's Designs - Kirkland


Tiffany Thiele / Tiffany Noel - Seattle


Valuing simplicity in design and attention to the small details, Tiffany takes the skills she learned from Pratt Fine Arts Center in Seattle and applies her own talent to every piece she makes.   After hand selecting each piece of raw glass from a company based in Portland, OR, she documents how each piece is assembled in her designs, the firing schedule and other technical information.  Exploring new ideas and techniques with kiln-formed glass is what keeps this challenging art form fascinating for Tiffany.

Walter Share / WalterColors - Seattle

Water color

Artist Walter Share has been a painter for over 35 years. Through his talents with watercolor, oil and acrylic paints as well as digital (drawn on the computer), he creates images of nature and landscape from the places where he has lived and painted including Seattle, Oregon and Alaska. Watercolor, oils and acrylics are his favorite mediums. 


Erynn Rose / Erynn Rose Photography - Seattle


Erynn Rose started taking pictures in the early 90’s, mostly because he was surrounded  by a family of photographers who he felt were always taking pictures of the wrong thing. He picked up the camera to show them what they were missing. Now he can be found wandering Seattle with a variety of digital and film cameras to try and capture Seattle in all her glory. He specializes in tilt-shift* views of the city, making it look like a detailed architectural model. You may have seen his work in Seattle Magazine, or Where Seattle books and maps.


Jeni Nelson / Jeni Nelson Mixed Media Art - Seattle

Mixed Media

After earning a B.A. in Fine Art from George Fox University in Oregon, Jeni traveled to NiceFrance where she lived for four years. There, she studied French and worked in an art studio, surrounded by the beauty of France.  Since the early-fall of 2012, she has been pursuing a vocation in mixed-media art and photography. She loves detail and pretty things, and of course she will never forget her shaping experiences in France. These lingering memories you will see represented in her work.


Artists by Category



Lynn Cameron (studio at Venue)

Bob Scoverski

Shelly Engels

Christopher Boffoli

Travis Tyler

Erynn Rose



Heather Davidson (works at Venue)

Yuko Tanaka (works at Venue)

 Amy Bixby

Diana Fakhoury

Lori Linkous Devine

Sera Young

Jennifer Graves

Jennifer Phillips

Dean Robertson

Catherine Lee

Britta Ambauen

Linnie Kendrick

Leah Belanger


Painting / Mixed Media

Caitlin Dundon  (studio at Venue)

Sarah Oberklaid (studio at Venue) 

Emily Peck

Josephine Rice

Stuart King

Patti Christie

Eileen Sorg

Walter Share

Kate Endle

Jeni Nelson

Leslie Pierson



Busura Teuber

Breia Mallett

Claire Jauregui

Andrea Kohler

Paul Kidder

Karin Chickadel


Pottery / Mosaics / Glass

Sarah Woodson

Larry Halvorsen

Liam Halvorsen

Angie Heinrich

Tiffany Thiele



Sonja Lindberg

Laarni Mejino

Pigeon Camera

Shawna Feiling

Trilby Hainstock

Aiko Tanaka



Ryan Christensen

Dave Smart

Ken Judd

Jim Dixon


Soaps / Candles / Candy

Anne Bloom

Leah Adams

Lisa Ravenel

Susan Dziadosz




Chris Ballew



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