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Exploring Encaustics

Instructor: Jolie Bergman

Time: 5:00-7:30 pm

Location: Venue Ballard

Fee: $45

Attention students of the introductory Everything Encaustic class or anyone with experience painting with encaustics! A new class is being introduced to Venue:  Exploring Encaustic.

In this class, students with encaustic painting experience will be able to continue their exploration by introducing heat stylus pens and other heat tools, carving tools, oil sticks, and various other materials such as a variety of paper and small objects into their work.

This class is built for Everything Encaustic students who would like to continue working on previous pieces, or to explore new techniques and styles. Exploring Encaustic is also for anyone familiar with the safety and key materials associated with encaustic painting and would like to explore some of the additional avenues this versatile medium offers.

The Exploring Encaustic class will provide all materials and three canvases for each student to work with, in addition to any works an Everything Encaustic student may bring from previous classes.

Come and explore more of what encaustic painting can inspire!

Jolie Bergman is a Ballard artist who discovered her passion for encaustic while on an artist’s retreat several years ago. She is bringing what was shared with her back to her community to share with others.

We hope you enjoy this little video to honor the life of our shop dog, Stella. Thanks for all the love many of you gave her over the years.