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Heather Davidson / The Doodlebug Project - Seattle


Heather draws her jewelry by hand, and all of the images are her original designs. Most of what she does has been inspired by nature, but the organic yet technical lines of something like a roller coaster also catch her eye. It can be difficult to create an image that works on such a small scale yet is detailed enough to be interesting. She knows she's found it when the finished piece feels tranquil and balanced. 

While the process is very hands-on, and a lot of care is put into each step, Heather looks forward to those long days where she knows she doesn't have to do anything but work in her studio.

Yuko Tanaka /  Sazanka - Seattle


Tokyo native Yuko Tanaka launched Sazanka Design in 2011.  She specializes in handmade jewelry and accessories, incorporating vintage kimono fabrics.  Yuko's strong sense of color and design results in unique, contemporary pieces that honor her cultural roots.

Amy Bixby / Amy Bixby Jewelry - Seattle


Amy is a New Zealand native and lives in Seattle with her husband and baby boy, Luke.  Her designs reflect an organic style with a touch of pure savvy.

Amy was raised to appreciate all things handmade, part of this stems from the Kiwi “do-it-yourself” mentality.  She hand forges each piece of jewelry from high quality materials such as Fine and Sterling silver, 14K, 18K and 22K Gold, and quality all-natural gemstones.  Amy employs finishes that are beaten or matte to reveal the natural tone and appearance of the metal.  All materials are ethically sourced and most metals are recycled often by Amy herself.  

Diana Fakhoury / Diana Fakhoury - Seattle


Diana's path to jewelry design began with her studies in engineering, and later she achieved a degree in Art & Design.  Diana feels that, ultimately, designing jewelry perfectly embodies her love for geometry, color, pattern and sculpture.

Jennifer Graves / Lolly Jo Lolli - Woodinville


Jennifer is a native Northern California jewelry artist now living in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two children. They have a silly dog named Apple, too.  Jennifer achieved a degree in Media Arts, and never pursued a career in that field, but rather found that making jewelry was something that drew out her talents and passions.  Most of her work is in sterling silver and resin, but she likes to play around with other materials and techniques. Being a self taught jewelry artist, Jennifer admits that most of what she has learned is from trial and error. 

Sera Rogers / Maple + Mauve - Seattle


Sera is constantly inspired by elements of the Northwest, food, graphic design, travel, and architecture. The geometric qualities of her designs are attributed to her experience as an interior designer at a local architecture firm in downtown Seattle. Sera enjoys creating distilled down design ideas that she can personally create from start to finish.

Dean Robertson / Forestlife Creations - Woodway


Using mostly reclaimed wood, Dean's earrings showcase the incredible beauty and textures naturally found in both local and exotic woods.  

Trilby Hainstock / Oliotto - Seattle

Jewelry /Textiles  

Trilby loves to make objects that are easy to wear, well crafted, comfortable, affordable, and unique. Her reversible leather cuffs are made from quality upcycled leather that she cuts and sews by hand.  Trilby's talents don't end there.  Inspired by the 50 year anniversary of the Space Needle, Trilby designed a commemorative tea towel which, due to it's popularity, launched a new series of designs depicting Seattle's local neighborhoods.  Currently, these designs are available in prints, canvas totes and flour sack tea towels.

Jennifer Bennett / di luce design - Seattle


Making art is a form of meditation for Jennifer. Sometimes she starts with the materials and lets it speak to her, other times, she "sees" something in nature that she wants to reinterpret in metal. The intimacy of jewelry art can allow one to subtly be connected to both the person who makes it and the intention behind it. 

Jennifer Phillips / Jennifer Phillips Art - Seattle

Jewelry / Painting

It was a breathtaking trip to Spain in 1999 where she found her passion to begin painting beautiful landscapes and treescapes. Using primarily oils and oil pastels, her works range from large paintings to miniatures painted on Scrabble tiles with an underlying texturing process that cracks the surface enhancing the look of branches or roots.

Erika Laureano / Erika Laureano - North Bend


Erika makes a wide range of jewelry.  Currently her focus is on texture, color and found objects captured with resin.  Within her collection is an array of necklaces, earrings, statement cuffs and rings.  Copper and sterling are embossed for texture then married with color, which is created through various patina recipes Erika has experimented with over the years. 

Zuzana Korbelarova / ZUZKO - Vashon Island


Zuzana's path began in Prague, Czech Republic.  She grew up in one of the most ancient cities of Europe, surrounded by centuries of art and architecture, the old and manmade amazing her at every step. In her adult life, she found her home in the Pacific Northwest, immersing herself in the rugged beauty of the outdoors and the unrestrained imagination of nature. Both of these contrasting surroundings influence her creative vision on a deep level, playing a major role in her design process.  The organic, feminine, understated beauty of nature blends together with the industrial, masculine and manmade in the jewelry Zuzana creates.

Art has always been a big part of Zuzana's life. She has been drawing and painting for as long as she remembers, but jewelry making is a newly discovered passion. Her husband discovered it for her when he finally gave up the search for the perfect piece of jewelry to gift to Zuzana on her birthday. Instead, he gave her a set of jewelry tools with some silver wire to make her own. This opened a whole new world of creative outlet and found herself enthralled in the puzzle of manipulating metal and stone. Zuzana started creating jewelry that she would want to wear, and soon realized that she was not the only one wanting to wear it… that is how ZuzKo jewelry was born.

Andrew Whiteman / Place Jewelry - Seattle


"All of us have collected a pebble or found object at some point during our travels. These tokens help us remember and appreciate a place and time." Andrew’s jewelry started out as something found during one of his journeys. His pieces also grow out of a career designing and building exhibits for natural history and culture museums. His first job in the field focused on making mounts for artifacts. Decades later, he still enjoys the delicate craft of presenting objects with precision and care.

The non-precious stones in his jewelry are naturally tumbled and minimally altered. Wire wrap and colored glass inlay compliment their simple beauty.

Chris Gerber / Christopher Gerber Designs - Seattle

Hand Etched Metal Jewelry

Christopher Gerber is a lover of nature and feels most at home, outside. As a member of the Wasington Alpine Club, the nuances of the outdoors influences Chris’ work as he commemorates his adventures in metal.

Britta Ambauen / Britta Ambauen Jewelry - Seattle


With a background in women’s outdoor leadership and a lifelong pursuit of the arts, company founder Britta Ambauen was inspired to create a jewelry line that connected the wearer with her intentions of cultivating a fulfilling life. Founded in 2009, her eponymous jewelry line has grown organically over the years with a continued deepening of the founding vision. As the line enters its 10th year, we seek to reach even greater audiences with our inspired messages of personal growth, presence, and challenging oneself to face moments of opportunity with an attitude of courage.

Samantha Slater / Samantha Slater Studio - Seattle


Leaving behind a career in theater and dance, Sam wanted to find an art form that was more permanent than her previous theatrical endeavors. It was only after moving to the United States from South Africa that jewelry making found her. Without a visa, Sam was unable to work, and desperately needed a creative outlet to fill time. On a whim a friend showed her how to make jewelry and it was love at first sight. Sam slowly began to learn as much as she could about various jewelry making techniques and once she got her work visa she was able to find a job in the jewelry community.

Sam has worked in the jewelry industry and taught jewelry making classes all over Seattle for the last 11 years, but it has only been in the last two years that she fully realized she needed to create her own path. Sam has had many incarnations of her jewelry line, and has had her work featured in various stores and at various trunk shows throughout the years. Over the last year however she has really pinned down a vision and mission from which Samantha Slater Studio has grown. 
Combining all the qualities she values: hard work, dedication, consciousness, self-love, community and grit, Sam has developed the concept of this studio. Right now, SSS is in it’s first incarnation. But there is change and growth on the horizon. Stay tuned.