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Susan Elliott  / Neptune Creations - Bellevue  [Studio at Venue]

Paintings, Journals, Textiles

Susan Elliott is a mixed media artist originally from Terre Haute, Indiana. With a BA in graphic design and advertising from the University of North Florida, her expertise in the visual realm helped her find a unique approach to drawing and painting.

She is passionate about originality, aesthetics, and approaching each creation from her core. Susan is inspired by everyday life and the things that emerge from it influence her work. As a huge animal lover, she finds joy in creating works that reflect the beauty of the animal kingdom. She is also inspired by the Dia de Los Muertos culture and creates whimsical girls combining a bit of oddity and beauty in each one.

As a mixed media artist, Susan's favorite mediums are ink, pen, and pencil. She loves the texture that is created in combining materials and the beauty that forms from different methods. Ultimately it is her mission to deliver a powerful artistic experience through her work that drives desire, excitement, happiness and creativity in others.

Outside of making art, Susan enjoys sunny days, yoga, Buffy The Vampire Slayer (yes, she still loves it) and chocolate chip mint ice cream.

Brittney Avila / smallredheart - Ballard

Paintings, Prints

smallredheart is a mixture of acrylic/oil paintings & lifestyle photography. Brittney Avila started 'smallredheart' to bring fun & color & movement & wonder & joy & passion into life through paintings & photographs displayed in homes & offices.  smallredheart is designed to bring life to whoever encounters it.

She dove into painting & photography in her young adult life where she has found a major joy & passion. Brittney's relationship with the Lord has inspired her creativity the most. Art forms like dance, music, graphic design & creative writing are very influential in her creative process & are usually incorporated in her artwork somehow. She choose abstract design primarily because it helps her take risks, relax & let go! Brittney has branded each of her creations with her trademark - a 'smallredheart'  to embody the 'why' behind her artwork.

Walter Share / WalterColors - Seattle

Watercolors, oils, acrylics

Artist Walter Share has been a painter for over 35 years. Through his talents with watercolor, oil and acrylic paints as well as digital (drawn on the computer), he creates images of nature and landscape from the places where he has lived and painted including Seattle, Oregon and Alaska. Watercolor, oils and acrylics are his favorite mediums. 

Patti Christie / Patti Christie - Seattle

Pastel artist

Using chalk pastels to create art that is meant to evoke a moment of repose, Patti's work becomes an interpretation of what she sees and knows.  Focusing on shape and color, her goal is to simply put the viewer at ease.

Eileen Sorg / Eileen Sorg - Kingston

Colored Pencil Drawing

Eileen's work is a visual representation of the stories in her head. She enjoys collecting old objects and weaving a tale around them. Birds are the main conduit for these stories but insects, amphibians, and mammals are also frequent players. The story is really the subject matter of her work, supported by a solid structure of composition and light.

Kathleen McCarty / KMA Works - Mount Vernon

Paintings, Prints, Drawings

After studying at the Art Institute of Chicago, and in Florence, Italy, this Wisconsin native now calls the Pacific Northwest home.  Currently, Kathleen's work involves drawing on mulberry paper that is then affixed to cradled birch panels.  This is a contrast to her first love which is large acrylic on canvas paintings.  Her silkscreen drawings are equally as vibrant with her color choices and design. 

Alex Connelly / Alex Connelly Art - Seattle 


Hello, greetings, nice to meet you, my name is Alex Connelly, I am the artist at Two Hand Studios. My journey as an artist has been filled with the joys of being able to share and connect with friends and other artists from around the world. I'm currently based in Seattle, WA where I spend my days examining the deliciousness of honey, always expecting and failing to brew a perfect cup of coffee, and watching to see if I can actually see that moment a plant grows.

Be sure to say hi on Instagram: @alexconnellyart

headshot by Nate Watters

Julie Kim / Zhookie - Seattle


Julie Kim is a visual artist. Since earning her BFA in painting & drawing, she has been exploring different landscapes around the world and working in Seattle. Her painting is exploring an inner landscape while reconnecting to the tangible nature of color. She is inspired by shifting light and empty space, taking time to observe both in her life.

Danny Lo Priore / Danny Paints - Magnolia

Watercolor paintings

Danny Lo Priore is a watercolor artist born and raised in Magnolia. His love for art has been prevalent in all of his life's endeavors.  Originally inspired by his father, he developed a strong fondness for Landscape Architecture and studied it in depth at the University of Washington.  Danny founded his business, Landscape by Design Inc, in 1985 and has held the design process close to his heart.

Danny discovered that his architectural skills enhanced his natural talent and passion to create great works of art through watercolor.  Often influenced by his Italian heritage, every painting tells a unique story and captures the essence of its inspiration.

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