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Shelly Engels / .Shelly.Etc. - Seattle


Using a digital SLR or an old Diana F+ camera, Shelly captures things in life that others often pass unnoticed.  Her love of travel, and design gives her opportunity and creative perspective.   Her Bachelor's degree in Interior Architecture and Product Design continue to influence her images.  Shelly's prints her images on aluminum which add another dimension to the scenes.  Her images are also available on night lights, magnets, cards and postcards.

Christopher Boffoli / Big Appetites - Seattle


Christopher Boffoli is a Seattle-based photographer, writer, artist and filmmaker. His Big Appetites series is shot with locally sourced food from Farmer's Markets, local bakeries or iconic American foods that evoke a sense of play.  The figures in the scenes are all hand-painted and their meticulous detail is a big part of why the images work.  On occasion he might re-paint or modify figures to suit his purposes. The images have a strength and a personality of their own.  But they are most often exhibited with captions that lend an extra bit of energy to the concept, and of course, often reinforce the laugh.

Christopher’s work has been published – online and in print – in more than 95 countries.  His fine art photographs can be found in galleries and private collections in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.

Travis Tyler / Little Kicking Bird - Seattle


TravisTyler captures the majority of his photos in the urban landscape of the Northwest. They are pulled from clips of time lapse photography that he has filmed or everyday objects that often go unnoticed. His inspiration comes from commuting to and from work while riding the ferry every day. He reveals the essence of each image by capturing just the right amount of light, color, and depth of field - allowing the viewer to connect to the photo. 

Jerry Kauffman / Images of Renewal - 


Jerry is a third-generation photographer and founder of Images of Renewal. He loves following his curiosity with camera in hand to discover and tell the untold story in ways that connect with our emotions – sometimes serious, sometimes humorous. Kaufman says, “I look at the world differently. The lens I look through is renewal. My work is about catching impressions of light, color and emotion that create a sense of healing and wellbeing in the viewer.” He adds, “I get great joy when those magical moments of making and seeing come to together with the viewer.” His picture book Renewal at The Place of Black Tears is a best seller at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. His signature turn of phrase is “Embrace New Beginnings!”