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Sarah Woodson / Downing Pottery - Seattle


In summer 1999 Sarah took her first pottery class. Starting as a weekend dabbler, she spent more and more time at the studio until it eventually became a job. Fast forward a decade and its the only job she wants to do.  Lucky for all of us, as Sarah's adorable Neighborhood mugs have been such a hit, that she now focuses all of her time to keep up the demand.  Besides mugs, Sarah also specializes in functional and modern pottery, from bowls to platters and vases.

Angie Henrich / Zetamari - Seattle


What began in 1998 with creating mosaics for private collections and public spaces, has sparked a passion for this ancient art form led Angie to study with masters in Italy, Spain, and the US, where she was instilled with a pride of workmanship and technique that is evident in each hand-crafted piece. Angie aspires to bring the joy of spirit she feels with the creation of each piece to the home of others.

Jennifer Ledrick / Jennifer Spring Ceramics - Redmond

Modern handcrafted ceramics

Jennifer creates modern ceramics for the home and entertaining. She is drawn to patterns, textures, bold colors, and designs that enhance the touch experience that clay invites. She loves to create work that is beautiful to look at, but ultimately, functions well. For example, many of her cups have comfort spots, whether it be a cutout at the top of the handle for your thumb or indents on the side that cup your hand. 

She uses a combination of ceramics techniques to get the best outcome, including slip casting, hand building, and wheel throwing. Many of her mugs and cups are made with slip cast for consistency and her larger vases and platters are primarily wheel thrown. 

Jennifer discovered ceramics in 2000 at Lily in the People in Ballard. The connection was immediate, and even though she took a long break from it to pursue a career in marketing creative services, it drew her back again in 2009. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Washington State University, but gained most her ceramic experience from local studio classes in Redmond and Pottery NW.

Mutsuko Mitsui / Flying Cat Creations - Seattle

Whimsical Handmade Ceramic Pieces

Mutsuko Mitsui of flyingcat creations makes you smile and ponder with her works of clay, paper and ink. Her styles very from her native Japanese traditional forms to whimsical cartoon sketches.