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Heidi Favour / Heidi Favour Designs - Seattle, WA

Mixed Media objects

Heidi Favour loves collecting old bits of stuff – cast-off tools, useless pieces of hardware, old wood, and anything with type or numbers on it. She likes the imagined history of the objects, the quality and craftsmanship of the materials, the oddity of certain things. When inspiration hits, she reassembles things in a new way to make objects people can use again. The process gives her real joy. And it gives her an excuse for collecting things. If she didn’t make art with the things she collects, she might be considered a hoarder.

Heidi grew up on a farm in North Dakota, where she learned to appreciate hard work, old tools, and the beauty of simple things. She has a BFA with a focus in Graphic Design, and lives in Seattle with her husband, 2 daughters and one angry cat.

John Lembo / Red Cord Lamp Co. - Seattle, WA


John Lembo is a Custom Lamp maker…… night.  By day or for 40+ hours a week he is a Licensed Mental health Counselor who does family therapy with youth who are chronically involved with the Justice System. About 3-4 years ago when he went to a “big box store” to buy a lamp, he was very disappointed at their basic, boring, and expensive selection. Which started his ideas that maybe he could make a high quality, interesting, one of kind lamp for a comparable price as the big box stores. After much encouragement from his partner in life Allison, he started researching ideas, pricing materials, and collecting vintage and antique items that would make great, one of kind lamps!

He created an Instagram account called @jawneylamps, now @redcordlampco, and sold two lamps in the first two hours of posting pics to his feed. About a month later he was asked by Hilary Harris a local Seattle Photographer (@hilaryharrislovesyou) to join the first ever three Sunday market at The Tractor Tavern called “The Tractor Taverns Handmade Arcade” . This gave him the motivation and the due date to get some lamps made.  He went into this market super nervous but left selling almost 20 lamps! Red Cord lamp Co has been a pleasant surprise in Johns life. Its been fun, therapeutic, and inspiring!

Susan Lally-Chiu / Happy Tree Press - Seattle, WA

Painted Rocks

Susan Lally-Chiu is an artist and designer who aspires to add a little more beauty, joy and thoughtfulness to our world through drawings, paintings, printmaking and public art works.

One summer during a visit to the Midwest, Susan found painted rocks in her Father’s desk, that she had made as a child on a family vacation. Inspired, she taught her young daughter how to paint rocks that they had collected near Puget Sound. In January, she started the “Open Heart” project to add more hearts to our world through her painted rocks. Susan’s artwork supports the Arbor Day Foundation, Seattle Tilth and the King County Libraries. She lives with her husband and daughter in Shoreline, Washington. 


We hope you enjoy this little video to honor the life of our shop dog, Stella. Thanks for all the love many of you gave her over the years.