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Christina Caretti / Torch Illumination-Leavenworth


Christina Caretti was born and raised in the rainy Pacific Northwest. She has always had a passion for crafting and cooking, so naturally when a passion for candle maker at Torch Illumination came open, she jumped on it. She loved learning how to make candles and using her creative side. When the previous owner talked about selling the business for other pursuits, she knew she had to take over. Being an entrepreneur her whole adult life, things with Torch flowed naturally. She has been able to quench her creative thirst while still enjoying her free time on a small hobby farm in Omak, WA. When she is not mixing up new candle ideas, she enjoys riding her horses, hiking in the back country and gardening.

Anne Bloom / Seattle Sundries - Seattle


Anne takes pride in making her soaps using all natural base ingredients, and the scents used are natural essential oils. (nothing synthetic found in these soaps.)  The designs for her packaging are also made by Anne using 'traditional' tools, like pencil and paper along with computer programs, printers and die-cut machines.  Each tin of soap has a different theme and inside is a little story about what that particular soap could be good for.  A little bit of humor and a love for the simple things in life are poured into each one.

Chris Ballew / Caspar Babypants - Seattle


The music of Caspar Babypants is a mixture of old traditional songs, nursery rhymes and original compositions. Ballew takes old familiar tunes and finds ways to update them so that they both retain their original charm and feel modern and personal.  HIs wife, artist Kate Endle, does all the artwork for his CD covers.

Bryan & Justin / Mustard & Co. - Seattle


Mustard and Co. took shape in 2013 on the basis that food is best enjoyed in the company of bold condiments. After months in the kitchen tweaking his original recipe, and only minor injuries, Justin Hoffman teamed up with Bryan Mitchiner to provide high-quality, minimally processed mustard to the masses. The condiment world will never be the same.  Mustard and Co. emphasizes quality local ingredients, and traditional techniques that preserve the mustard seed’s inherent, horseradish-like spiciness. This guarantees that you get raw, organic, real mustard flavor with each taste, keeping your food in good company.  Eat boldly.

Stocked - Seattle

Specialty Food

Stocked has set out to do one thing: inspire the use of great products every day. We are a local community of food entrepreneurs sharing ideas, resources, and a communal space. We craft a variety of small batch items in-house, all with special attention given to simple ingredients, bold flavors, and striking packaging. We work with 500+ specialty shops, markets, and restaurants across the nation to share our products with the world. Through sharing our resources and collaborating, we’ve realized we’re better together than separate.