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Trilby Hainstock / Oliotto - Seattle

Textiles / Jewelry

Trilby loves to make objects that are easy to wear, well crafted, comfortable, affordable, and unique. Her reversible leather cuffs are made from quality upcycled leather that she cuts and sews by hand.  Trilby's talents don't end there.  Inspired by the 50 year anniversary of the Space Needle, Trilby designed a commemorative tea towel which, due to it's popularity, launched a new series of designs depicting Seattle's local neighborhoods.  Currently, these designs are available in prints, canvas totes and flour sack tea towels.

Aiko Tanaka / thezakka - Kirkland


After an eight year career as a graphic designer, Aiko decided to convert her ideas and designs into a product and came up with her company "thezakka" in 2009.  Aiko finds fabrics from around the world - using whatever she falls in love with.

Matt, Jeff & crew / Pigeon Camera Kids - Seattle

Silkscreen Designs

Matt & Jeff started their little shirt company in their apartment in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle in 2008.  Their mission to present Seattle with quality, custom screen printed garments and the masses with a line of smart, interesting, comfy and colorful tees has proven successful as their little company has grown into running their own 3000' Print Shop enabling them to increase their product line and print for several large local corporations and non-profits alike.

Laarni Mejino / Laarni & Tita - Shoreline


Laarni's curiosity of how things are made lead her to designing and sewing bags for herself, her daughter and friends.  It wasn't long until she began selling her styles at the marketplace, and Laarni & Tita had begun as the desire for a durable bag made from colorful and cute patterns was evident.  Every single bag is made by Laarni with much thought put into where to cut on the print, down to the the final stitch.   

Sonja Lindberg / Knits & Kneedles - Bellevue


Knitted baby caps

Sonja enjoyed knitted for years.  Her knitted baby & toddler hats range from Seasonal Fruit, Ladybugs, Cupcakes with Sprinkled Frosting, to the ever popular Girl & Boy Viking hats.   Her hats are made with the softest yarn to ensure warmth for those precious little heads. 


Claire Jauregui  / Orange Twist - Seattle

Baby Rompers

Orange Twist's ever popular images are now on baby rompers.   Claire's dedication to environmentally sustainable goods remains as she uses water-based phthalate-free ink, and organic cotton on these adorable rompers.

Lindsay Lawrence / Metamorphic Gear - Seattle

Urban Gear

Metamorphic Gear is the brainchild of Lindsay Lawrence, a world traveler, sailor and lover of the outdoors. Inspired by the outdoor equipment that he used while hiking and sailing professionally, Lindsay designed a range of stylish products with a wink to the outdoors. Made in Seattle, these products are 75-98% up-cycled sail, truck tarpaulin and climbing rope. The adventure never ends at Metamorphic! 

Fun Facts: Metamorphic Gear has redirected 22 metric tons of old sail, tarpaulin and climbing rope from the landfill and re-purposed them into these bags and accessories. Lindsay was a former competitive sailor and rower.

Jonathan Baker / eqpd - Twisp

Tote Bags

eqpd products reflect the sense of purpose, simplicity and deliberate construction that Industrial Design was founded on.  Jonathan believes their mission in sharing these principles will universally result in better products being made in better ways, closer to our homes. 

Jonathan & his team currently make all their products in Twisp, WA. Jonathan has been designing products for 20 years. They have created an open studio that celebrates the relationship between manufacturing and design. Jonathan created eqpd because as both an Industrial Designer and human who cares about our planet, he sees an unhealthy trend in the creation and perception of manufactured goods. He is concerned with our rapid consumption of products, how well those products are made, how far they travel and our acceptance of what is disposable. "Building goods is an honor; we should treat it that way. Resources are not endless, we should treat them that way." 

Eli Reich / Alchemy Goods - Seattle

Upcycled Gear

Ag History: "People say that 'necessity is the mother of invention,' and that’s exactly the way Alchemy Goods got started. My messenger bag got stolen and I needed another one. But the perfect messenger bag eluded me. There were always extra inner tubes lying around my apartment, and I realized that I could probably build the perfect bag out of stuff I already had. The first prototype was born on my home sewing machine. It wasn’t perfect, but it was exactly what I needed. Soon, my friends wanted their own. Then local bike shops caught a glimpse and expressed interest. Each bag improved over the last. Thanks to my friends, demand grew and grew, which led to the founding of Alchemy Goods.

So to whoever it was that stole my were the inspiration for my imagination. Thank you." - Eli Reich (founder)

Recycling Your Inner Tubes: The inner tubes in our goods are reclaimed from cyclists and bike shops across the country. Do you ride or know someone that does? Your local bike shop can be a part of our inner tube recycling program. Ask your local dealer if they are participating.

Baylie Peplow / Red Umbrella Designs - Seattle

Baby Rompers / Totes

Red Umbrella Designs is a small creative studio that strives to be playfully elegant and elegantly playful in all things. Founded on the belief that we are all children at heart, Red Umbrella Designs prefers hand-made, human-centered, and simple in an increasingly high-tech, fancy-pants world.

With a degree in architecture, a background in Montessori education, and a belief that there is beauty all around us, Baylie creates handmade cards, gifts, toys, and paper goods. After years of tinkering, doodling, and dreaming, Red Umbrella Designs was officially founded in 2012 and is now run from a cozy garden studio in South Seattle.