Alexie Hoffman

I was born & raised at the base of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, and now live in Seattle. I attended Seattle Pacific University, earning my BFA in Illustration/New Pictures in 2011. I’ve always loved the mountains, but fell in love with the sea during university and have been PNW based ever since.

I’m currently a freelance illustrator & graphic designer. I’m passionate about design that is inquisitive, insightful and delightful. In the creative process I think its important to be listen well, show up, keep learning and ask questions - the rest will follow.

In addition to freelance work, I’m also a studio manager and designer for a female-owned and operated design studio based in WA state (Red Umbrella Designs). I’m lucky enough to work out of my home studio, and the Red Umbrella studio space, in the heart of Old Ballard.

For my fine art, I primarily work on wood and watercolor paper (with a wood burner, graphite, ink, natural dyes, gouache and watercolor paint). I’m inspired most often by nature, anatomy, poetry & music.

When I’m not at my desk - I love spending time with people, reading, baking, being outside and exploring the PNW with my husband Aaron and dog Luna.