Venue opened its doors in July of 2005, showcasing the unique, beautiful artwork that comes from our great state of Washington. Located in the historical district of Ballard in north Seattle, Venue has been home to over 300 local artists and has taken tremendous pleasure in serving this community over the years.


Meet Diane

Diane is our fearless leader at Venue. From concept, to build out, and several years in business, Venue is all Diane’s brainchild. She also teams up with her family members to make the coziest loom knit hats.


Meet Geena

Geena has worked for Venue since 2017 and has enjoyed it oh so much. She is consistently smitten with the beautiful art that passes through these doors and loves working for such a great, female-owned business.

When she’s not at Venue, Geena is actively pursuing a career in film, theater, and voice acting while trying to make people chuckle as much as possible.

Sales Associate

Meet Kaoru

Kaoru has been with Venue since 2018 and has been a superstar from the get go. Our sales associate, inventory managing champion; she’s also a style icon and has the greatest recommendations for shows and movies to watch.

Not to mention she’s so creative! Fingers crossed she’ll bring back some of her handmade masks and felt ornaments for the winter!

Sales Associate

Meet Nene

Lively, outgoing, and enthusiastic - Nene is a new addition to the Venue crew. She loves being surround by all the beautiful art. A recent Seattle transplant, Nene has been enjoying our city’s weather, nature, and people.

When not working at Venue, Nene is super creative. She makes her own jewelry, carves stamps, reads, hikes, and cooks. You’ll find her telling stories, making people laugh, and chatting about her fabulous kids and grandkids. Nene is a delight!

Sales Associate & Artist

Meet Minami

Minami is one of our local artists at Venue and newest staff member! She loves the Northwest landscapes which certainly comes through in all her etchings and ink watercolor drawings. She loves the mountains, trees, and forests but is also obsessed with maps.

If you ever have questions or want to talk about landscapes or maps - she’s your girl!