Bianchi Arts

Debbie Bianchi

My first creative passion was sewing with my mother. She taught me that making something beautiful out of limited supplies is very satisfying, something to show for time spent. The shapes of hand made patterns and textures of the fabrics gave me the desire to learn how to create my own images on canvas.

My flowers generally come in pinks, reds and whites but I have been exploring the same shapes and planes with bold or just unexpected colors that remind me of whimsical daydreams. Some Victorian texts  state the meaning of the magnolia flower- one of my favorites- represents the symbols of nobility, perseverance and love of nature. Soft and subtle in color yet strong in appearance, the flower is representative of the beauty encompassing strength, femininity and gentleness.

Painting Octopi is also something that I am exploring. They are mysterious and mischievous, known to be playful shapeshifting tricksters. They can change color to blend into their surroundings or be bold and colorful. I find them fascinating and I love to play with the color, texture and strange beauty of these creatures in my paintings.

I paint with acrylic on canvas or panel, sometimes incorporating mixed media pieces such as Japanese paper, found vintage labels, photos and other sentimental ephemera. I paint over these things in many layers letting somethings show through, a little mystery here and there.

My hope is this work makes someone feel good, perhaps inspiring the viewer to create something of their own.