KGR Graphics

Kyle Redzinak

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and from an early age I loved to draw, design, and build things. Later in high school I found that my interests, talents and passions corresponded a lot with the field of architecture. My work was cut out for me as I chose to pursue higher education – architecture being the clear choice. I finished an architectural Bachelor and Master degree from Washington State University. While at school, each of my projects, assignments, studios and study tours challenged me to sharpen my architectural and graphic design skills. (It took me a few years to learn that white space is your best friend!) It was along this journey of seeking knowledge and refining my aesthetics where I began to fall in love with buildings and their stories.

After graduating, I moved to Seattle, WA where I worked on commercial and retail projects in an architecture office for 5 years. As I gained expertise in the field of architecture, my graphic design skills and interests also grew immensely. However, I could never seem to get enough of my creative side out at work. To supplement, I often found myself making Christmas gifts, making digital graphics and sketching ideas for personal projects. This led to continual refinement of my artistic skills, interests and aesthetic.