Minami Wrigley

Minami O Wrigley

Minami Wrigley
Intaglio Printmaker/Ink and Watercolor Artist
MA Printmaking, Camberwell College of Arts, London UK
BA Fine Arts, Arts University College Bournemouth, Bournemouth UK
Minami is drawn to lines in landscapes, this is present as strong feature in her works.
lines are why she pursued Intaglio Printmaking and etching, where the images are created by
drawing on a metal plate with a fine needle. Having grown up in multiple countries, the
relationship of memory and intimate personal experience in shaping one’s perspective has
always interested her.
“The Moment is Forever.” -The Never Ending Story

Island Theory
When you are in a place where time, space, and emotion all become one. When it is just you and the moment. Timelessness. When it’s only you and what is in front of you, with everything around fading away. A subdued, intimate, sublime experience. Losing yourself in the moment: The moment held in the image. Knowing and not knowing at the same time. Every person and place has a moment that is timeless. These moments are the images that Minami captures, and her intention is that others may have their own experiences and emotions in her landscape worlds. Coming from her own experience of spending three years in hospital, where she would seek comfort by escaping to the landscapes within her memories. Visualizing a place and closing your eyes is a way of teleporting. This has led her to create landscapes and images where time and place is non-existent. The concept of moment. A place of timelessness where anything can happen and any story can be created. Sharing and providing a place where both welcome viewers and happy customers can have their own special timeless space to visit and get lost in. Creating another little world within the room where you can go on a break and visit visually and emotionally. A gateway to a timeless space.