Sapphire Design

Pailyn Schroeder

Husband and wife Pailyn and Scott founded Sapphire Design Co. in 2020 with their love for letters, sustainable and personal relationship through hand-written notes.

‘Pailyn’ /pie-lin/, in fact means ‘Sapphire’ in Thai. Sapphire Design Co. was named after Pailyn, who was born in Thailand where she found a passion for entrepreneurship and her love for hand crafted things. At age fifteen, Pailyn began selling tote bags, a-line skirts, bandanas, and more to her high school friends. Sadly, she had to prioritize school as this tiny business demanded her time. But the dream was still alive. Fast forward to 2020, with her new found skills of calligraphy and graphic design combine with her dream of starting a business, Sapphire Design Co. was born.

Scott has a background in engineering and thrives on numbers. At the start of Sapphire, Scott took care of all things money and the logistics of the business. He is also very creative when comes to anything goofy and punny. Some of the cards he helped design might be in the shop and ready to be yours! Scott is still in awe of all the different products this industry has to offer.

Ever since, they have become small business owners, they have developed the conscience of sustainable supply chain and ethically made product.