Stacey Vaeth Photography

Stacey Vaeth

Stacey started this little photography company in Washington, D.C. in 2008, specializing in commercial and family photography, and quickly became named as DC's Favorite Family Photographer. As a fourth-generation photographer from Rochester, NY, capturing the essence of a person, a moment, or a place through photography has been ingrained in Stacey since as long as she can remember. Her childhood summers were spent with her parents driving to and staying in Sequoia National Park (CA) and Rocky Mountain National Park (CO) for months at a time. Stacey's father was a Kodak photographer, and these national park trips were part of their educational series. She would rise early and walk with him as he taught park visitors about light, f-stops, composition and telling a story through their photographs. The seeds were well planted and watered in those summers for both photography and for travel. 

In 2013, Stacey began a personal journey of travel and discovery. A 30-day solo cross-country camping trip in the summer of 2013 kicked off several more cross country trips and many more drives through our nations' incredible landscapes, as well as a month long sailing trip through the Inside Passage. Meeting the lady at the country store or the fellow wandering camper, and eventually moving to Seattle to build a bi-coastal photography business have filled Stacey's days, months and years.