Earth + Cielo

Stephanie Pavlovcik

Stephanie Pavlovcik founded Earth + Cielo in May 2020, out of her apartment in Magnolia, Seattle. What started off as a lifelong affinity for skygazing, developed into an entire obsession with all elements of our planet. Moving from her hometown of Chicago to the Pacific Northwest, she found herself completely enamored by her epic surroundings in Washington. She dusted off her 35mm Nikon f3 (along with her iPhone, duh) and began documenting the ephemeral beauty of her everyday surroundings.

Earth + Cielo celebrates our planet's colorful beauty through photo cards. From images of the ever-changing skyscape, to snow-capped mountains and vibrant spring flowers, our intention is to elevate awareness of the gorgeous micro and macrocosms that surround us everyday. We like to call our blank greeting cards "shareable nature prints", because each card is signed/dated, and can be upcycled into framed art. Our hope is that recipients will fall in love with the photo and the written message behind it, creating a heartfelt talisman they'll want to proudly display.