Neptune Creations

Susan Elliott

Susan Elliott is a mixed media artist originally from Terre Haute, Indiana. With a BA in graphic design and advertising from the University of North Florida, her expertise in the visual realm helped her find a unique approach to drawing and painting.

She is passionate about originality, aesthetics, and approaching each creation from her core. Susan is inspired by everyday life and the things that emerge from it influence her work. As a huge animal lover, she finds joy in creating works that reflect the beauty of the animal kingdom. She is also inspired by the Dia de Los Muertos culture and creates whimsical girls combining a bit of oddity and beauty in each one.

As a mixed media artist, Susan's favorite mediums are ink, pen, and pencil. She loves the texture that is created in combining materials and the beauty that forms from different methods. Ultimately it is her mission to deliver a powerful artistic experience through her work that drives desire, excitement, happiness and creativity in others.

Outside of making art, Susan enjoys sunny days, yoga, Buffy The Vampire Slayer (yes, she still loves it) and chocolate chip mint ice cream.