Taniesha Cameron

Hello sweet friend! My name is Taniesha and I am the woman behind Sweet Nothings. Every piece you find here is meticulously thought of, and created by me. I began this business on my birthday in February of 2020 after spending months using clay as a form of therapy. It then turned into a passion that ultimately allowed me financial freedom when my place of work became a casualty to Covid-19.

Life takes you by surprise sometimes. For all the bad that may happen to us, I try and make it a point to think of all the good I can do with the lessons learned. From this I was able to take all that I absorbed from previous employers and apply it to making this business more than a dream. I have only ever worked for small business, and they were all businesses owned, and run by women. If it weren't for the incredible women I worked for, I would have never believed that I could one day own something of my own. 

Being an artist and being financially dependent on my art can be incredibly intimidating at times, but when I think back to why I began Sweet Nothings, it all makes it worth it. Not only is my art is an escape from any negative energy, but it's an expression of who I am. I began making earrings because I've always felt that earrings were the cherry on top of an outfit before leaving for the day. Not only did they physically tie a look together, but they also gave me the confidence I needed to take on any task. My hope is that my pieces build you up and help you achieve whatever it is you need to accomplish.

Whether it's confidence, love, or a little bit of luck, let my Sweet Nothings be exactly what you need.