Studio Toujours

Katrina Koo

Studio Toujours specialized in small batch, handmade goods, based in Seattle, WA.

Having grown up in Canada and learning French as part of the school curriculum, the word toujours has been one that I find myself being constantly drawn to. Not only is it a fun word to write, but it's a fun word to say! 

Toujours is French for always.  The ethos behind Studio Toujours is to design and create products that can play multiple roles in our everyday lives. In an effort to do more with less, I hope that the pieces you pick from Studio Toujours lend themselves to multiple ways of being used or styled. During the design phase, I envision jewelry that can easily translate between casual t-shirt and jeans to date night. 

The goal is to design pieces that we are drawn to reach for today, tomorrow, and toujours.